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Over 30% off the individual poster prices when you by this BUNDLE. 1 Poster can be swapped every month you teach!!!


The Physical Education Entry Poster Collection is a bundle of 9 PE-related visuals that can be placed near the entry way to a gym or playing area. The set includes the following PE posters: 

PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Designing Your Action Plan for Life!
PE Entry Poster: We were Designed to Move our Bodies!
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Developing Bodies; Boosting Brains
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Join the Movement!
PE Entry Poster: We Move with a Purpose
PE Entry Poster: We are Phys Ed Strong
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education...not Gym Class
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education...We're Kind of a Big Deal
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- We Have Skills!!

Each poster serves as an advocacy tool to promote physical education as a KEY component for educating the “whole” child. 

Physical education encourages physical activity for life, provides an outlet for creativity, develops cooperation and teamwork, builds self-confidence, provides opportunities for personal goal-setting, increases personal fitness and motor skill development, helps reduce stress & anxiety, strengthens relationships with others and boosts academic learning!

This poster series was developed as a fun, VISUAL SET that gets straight to the point. The posters were designed to be placed on or above a gym (or playing area) door to let others know that we are PROUD of who we are and PROUD of what we teach! 


Physical Education Entry Posters- 9 Poster Bundle

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