The Physical Education 2019/2020 “Year at a Glance” packet (July 2019 to June 2020) is an editable document that can be used to enter your monthly units, special events, conceptual areas of study and district holidays. The modern side-by-side format is an attractive yet practical tool to help you organize and easily view your physical education units of study for the entire year. This version is set for the 2019/2020 school year in a July through June layout.


The side-by-side format used in this resource was inspired by work done previously by Kevin Tiller, Mike Graham and Jaryd Prince. They each developed their own documents using the Comic Life App, designing monthly representations of their individual programs. I wanted to further their work and design editable documents that other physical educators could easily use to plan, organize and showcase using Microsoft PowerPoint.


You can also upload this PP into Google Slides (if that is the app you would prefer to work with) and still be able to edit the doc.


The Physical Education 2019/2020“Year at a Glance” zip folder packet contains the following items:


1. A PowerPoint zip folder with 3 editable files (each has a different color background); light blue, light gold and crisp white


2.A PDF file with an example yearly plan version that lists suggested weekly units of study- ***note*** each week has a different unit which is not likely to happen- these are only suggested units of study that could potentially be used during a school year


All you will need to do is pick a background color and fill in the blanks. Simple, easy and useful!!!

Physical Education (2019/2020) “Year at a Glance”- Editable Plan

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