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The PE Valentine Exercise Cards and Valentine’s Day Activities packet includes 28, ¼ sheet sized Exercise Cards and 4 separate PE Valentine Activity Plans. I have also recently included a full-page version to use as PE stations if needed. The exercise cards incorporate a Valentine theme and include cardio, strength, flexibility and muscular endurance exercises. Each card also includes an animal/critter graphic and a cute Valentine saying. The Activity Plans are complete with the activity set-up, equipment needed, teacher directions, SHAPE America standards and a graphic depicting the activity. 

The PE Valentine Exercise Cards and Valentine’s Day Activities are ideal for a physical education or classroom teacher to use during the weeks leading up to Valentines Day. The exercise cards are a “breeze” to use and can also be easily incorporated into many of your current fitness-based warm-ups and activities. The activities and exercise cards provided in this packet were created to be “FUN” and your students will ask you to bring them out every year during this special time of the year!


Photocopy and laminate the VALENTINE EXERCISE cards in the packet

Cut out the cards from the 8 ½ by 11 inch sheets: 4 cards occupy each sheet

Copy and laminate the 4 PE Valentine’s Day Activity Plans located in a separate folder in the zip folder 

Choose an activity or 2 to use during a PE class period or during recess if you are a classroom teacher

Place the exercise cards in the appropriate starting spot (according to the activity plan) prior to your students arriving

Play music during the activity to bring “life” to the movement

Use the activities a few times during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day

Create new activities using the Valentine's Exercise Cards as they are easily adaptable to a number of fun activities

PE Valentine Exercise Cards and 4 Valentine's Day Activities

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