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The PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition is a set of 6 spinning wheels that work inside the PowerPoint platform. The wheels spin around and around and start and stop with a mouse click. A large arrow is set for each YOGA spinning wheel that indicates an poses for the student to perform. Recommended pose time is suggested (on each slide) that utilizes 3 different performance levels. Teachers and students will have a BLAST spinning the wheel and moving their bodies. This is a very ENGAGING activity for physical education or as a classroom brain boost!! Each spinning wheel
even has a clicking sound to make the activity even more authentic.


NOTE: This activity can only be used inside PowerPoint. You must have the platform to make the spinners move. I tried to convert to Google Slides as an option for teachers, but the PowerPoint to Slides conversion wasn’t successful. There is multiple grouping and animation to make the spinners start, spin and stop in PowerPoint.


The PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition set has an informational guide and 6 different PPT slides, each with different spinning wheels. Each wheel has 8 different YOGA poses that the students will perform. Teachers can indicate their preferred performance time levels (listed on each slide) or have the students choose a level that works for their unique abilities. Since the activity can be used for a variety of grade levels, teachers can also let students know what level would be most appropriate for their age and developmental competency.


The spinners can be used in a physical education class to help address teaching standards or by a classroom teacher to promote movement in the classroom. They can also be used for distance learning (synchronous) situations to promote at-home learning.


The PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition set is a convenient and creative way for you to teach “with a purpose!” The slides/spinners are colorful with “top of the line” graphics and listed movements. The PowerPoint slides are vibrant, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will value the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the desired actions!


How to use the Spinners


  • Download the PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition set and extract from the Zip file.
  • Open the Power Point File (2. PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition).
  • Click the Slide Show tab at the top or from the bottom right icon.
    If you click form the top tab, click “From Beginning”
  • Click in the middle of the wheel to start the spinning effect.
  • Click anywhere in the wheel to stop it.
  • Look and see where the arrow is pointing.
  • Students perform that pose for a set amount of time.
    The teacher can designate the level or teachers can have the students
    choose their own level
  • Click the middle of the wheel again to restart the spinner.
  • Students perform the next movement at their designated level.
  • When you want to move to the next spinning board (all new movements),
    click anywhere out of the spinner or click the “Next Spinner” tab.
  • Repeat the action on the next PPT slide.

PE Spin and Move- YOGA Edition: 6 Spinning Wheels for Engaging Movement

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