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Inside this package are 25 “FOOT FRIENDLY” soccer and kicking games for PE or classroom students that are designed for use with a wide range of ages, for students from grades Kindergarten through 8th. These SOCCER AND KICKING GAMES are ideal for large or medium sized groups, outside on a field, or inside a gymnasium.


These games can be used by PE TEACHERS as an extension of their soccer units (after the basic skills have been taught) or they can be utilized by a CLASSROOM TEACHERs as an organized RECESS GAME ACTIVITY to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the soccer/kicking games make great large-group activities for school-wide events such as FIELD DAY or for a class or grade-level REWARD DAY sometime during the school year.


These soccer/kicking games involve many skills and concepts that relate directly to traditional soccer such as dribbling, passing, shooting, throw-ins, goalkeeping, defense, teamwork and sportsmanship. Some of the games are “breakout” games in which students play in small-sized groups and move to different areas of a field/gym while other games are medium to large group, team games in which students play with in grids or larger spaces in the gym or on the field.


The 25 Soccer and Kicking Games include:


1. Bandits, 2. Bull in the Ring, 3. Capture the Pin, 4. Challenge Ball, 5. Crab Soccer, 6. Defend the Pins, 7. Dribble Tag, 8. Four Goal Soccer, 9. Got you; Got you Back, 10. Heat Seeking Missiles, 11. Indoor Small-Sided Soccer, 12. Kick and Run, 13. Kick, Score and Run, 14. Micro Soccer, 15. Pirate Steal, 16. Race to Space, 17. Scooter Soccer, 18. Score Ball, 19. Search and Capture, 20. Soccer Croquet, 21. Soccer Golf, 22. Soccer Pinball, 23. Soccer Scramble, 24. Statues and 25. Two to Win

PE Soccer Games- 25 “Foot Friendly” Soccer and Kicking Activities

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