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The PE Greetings- 30 Entrance Visuals resource is a set of 30 signs that can be placed near the entrance of a gym, classroom or movement area of a school. The students, while arriving to a PE class or other educational setting can read or observe the signs and QUICKLY choose an ACTION to do while entering. Teachers can select ahead of time how many choices the student would have when electing their greeting. Although 30 visuals are included in the set, only 5 or 6 need be utilized at a time and can be easily swapped out every week or so. Velcro tabs can be used on the entrance wall and the signs can be changed at any time.


The PE Greetings- 30 Entrance Visuals are an ENGAGING and FUN way for you to connect with your students. Most of the actions are easy for the students to do while walking in without stopping their motion and a few need only a second or 2 to perform with a quick stop and a deliberate movement either by themselves, with the teacher or using a nearby student.


There are 30 PE Greetings signs with a different motion for each. The signs are “student friendly” and provide an action word and corresponding image that matches the movement. Prior to using the signs, teachers can demonstrate and practice the movements with an emphasis placed on doing the motion quickly while moving as to not disrupt the line of students that are transitioning in. Students will et better at choosing the PE greeting (on the fly) the more often that they are used. They will look forward to coming into class and seeing their different PE greeting options!


Thanks to Kevin Tiller (PhysEd Review) and Tanner Roos (Mr Roos PE) for their inspiration from previous GREAT work that they did using this idea!

PE Greetings- 30 Entrance Signs

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