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This lesson plan and diagram is for a large group physical education class game called "Spy Kids". It is a fast paced, high energy and extremely fun chasing, fleeing throwing and dodging game. Students play the roles of "Spy Kids" and to save and capture players throughout the game. They hide behind barriers and dodge, throw, catch, chase, and run throughout the game. 

The kids will leave the gym with smiles on their faces and will be dripping sweat from all of their movement. The game requires some yarn balls, tumbling mats or barriers, cones and some scrimmage vests.

**Note: Spy Kids is a human target-type game. SHAPE America does not endorse games that use human targets for PE. Use yarn balls only and play Spy Kids as an After School Program, Intramural or Class Reward game

PE Games that Rock! - "Spy Kids"

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