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Inside this PACKAGE are 25 FANTASTIC FRISBEE games, designed for students with a wide range of abilities, from 3rd Grade through 10th Grade. These HIGH-FLYING DISC GAMES are ideal for large or medium sized groups, outside on a field, on a blacktop play area or inside a large gym. Some of the games are large group games where many students can be involved at the same time within the same game. Others are break-out games that students play in small groups. All the games require either some hard outdoor or soft indoor foam flying discs and a few of them require some standard PE items such as cones, bases, hula hoops and beanbags.


These games can be used by PE teachers as an extension of their throwing/catching units or during a standalone flying disc unit (after the basic skills have been taught). The individual games can also be utilized by a classroom teacher as an organized recess activity to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the base games make great large-group activities for school-wide events such as field day or for a class or grade-level reward day sometime during the school year.


These disc games involve several PE manipulative and locomotor skills such as throwing, catching, blocking, running, slide stepping and leaping. Strategic concepts, teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship are also important components in the 25-disc games. SHAPE America standards, equipment needs, modifications, setup and game instructions are included in the activity plan for each disc game.


The Base Games include: 1. Capture the Disc, 2. Disc 500, 3. Disc Baseball, 4. Disc Catch Relay, 5. Disc Cross, 6. Disc Rangers, 7. Disc Team Handball, 8. Disc Team Relay, 9. Disco, 10. Double Disc Court, 11. Frisbee Golf, 12. Frisbee Net Ball, 13. Hit the Cone, 14. Hit the Wall, 15. HORSE- Disc Style, 16. Intercept, 17. Keep Away, 18. Landing Zones, 19. Let it Fly, 20. Pinball, 21. Quad-Style Ultimate, 22. Spin and Run, 23. Three Peat, 24. Throw and Catch Race and 25. Ultimate Frisbee


You can easily modify the FLYING DISC GAMES in any way to fit your unique environment, facilities, equipment, and your students’ developmental readiness for the skills utilized in each game.

PE Disc Games- 25 Spin-tastic Flying Disc Activities

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