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Inside this packet are 2 Curriculum Connection Signs/Posters for integrating Language Arts- “Language” into Physical Education. The 2 posters (Kdg. to 2nd and 3rd to 5th) identify 2 Common Core Standards for Language Arts- (Language) for each grade level and provide examples of how we can align to the CC Language Arts Standards by implementing simple PE teaching practices/activities in our daily lessons. The stated PE Language Arts applications are easy to do and in most cases, we as physical educators, are already incorporating these practices when teaching using posters, signs, task cards, guest speakers, cue cards, station cards, web pages, white boards, and chalk boards. 

These PE Curriculum Connection signs or posters can be posted in your gyms or hallways leading to your gym entry door and can be displayed for all to see as a testament to how we can integrate academic subject standards into the curriculum we teach. Many of the Language Arts integration activity and teaching practice examples (on these signs/posters) can be easily fused into the fitness and skill-based activities that you are already teaching. By having students read and understand PE- related text and illustrations and then presenting the information to each other, we are fusing active movement with academic learning. It is a “Win-Win-Win” for us, the classroom teachers and of course our students. Administrators and parents will love to read these signs/posters and they will automatically bring up a positive conversation. 

These PE printables come in both a PDF and JPEG format and automatically print on a 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet of standard copy paper but can easily be “blown up” into a small sign or a poster size document (with a school or store poster maker) for all to see. 

Print, laminate, post and keep for years to come. 

PE Curriculum Connection: Integrating Language Arts (Language) into PE

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