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“Physical Education... Movement with a Purpose” 

Lower Grades Version- available in in 4 Color Schemes; Blue/Blue/White, Green/Blue/White, Purple/Yellow/White and Red/Black/White.


These banners are a perfect fit over an entry or exit door or can be used as a "stand alone" poster somewhere in your gym or classroom!!! The banner is large enough for all to see from a long way off as it is made up of eight connecting, 8 ½” by 11” sheets of paper.


There is also a folder of "Non-Segregated" JPEG images of the banners for those who have a school poster maker or are willing to pay a company like Office Depot to print out poster-sized replications of the images. This alternate method for producing the large banners saves time but is usually more expensive and may not have the same quality as printing out the individual PDF 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets on a color printer and constructing the banner by hand.


The banner displays the word “Physical Education” in extra-large print and is complimented with “eye catching” graphics and a PE slogan to let students, parents, colleagues and administrators that you are serious about what you do.

Other PE, lower grade level intended banners (K - 6th Grade):

1- "Physical Education... Movement with a Purpose” 
2- “Physical Education... Achieving Success through Movement” 
3- “Physical Education...Be cool...Play in School” 
4- “Physical Education... Have a Ball” 
5- “Physical Education... We like to Mooove it, Mooove it” 
6- “Physical Education... You're it: Get fit” 
7- "Physical Education... iPLAY" 

Physical Education; Lower Grade- Over the Door Bundled Edition

PE Over the Door Banner (Lower Grades): Movement with a Purpose

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