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The following product bundles 3 different physical education sets of "Whats on Your Plate" fitness activities:

1. PE Activities: “What’s on Your Plate”- Fitness (Set 1) 

2, PE Activities: “What’s on Your Plate”- Fitness (Set 2) 

3. PE Activities: “What’s on Your Plate”- Fitness (Set 3) 

All 3 PE Activity fitness sets of “What’s on Your Plate”- are “high energy, fun and organized” PE large or small group movement mini-lessons that can easily be used as a warm up, or cool down, woven into a PE unit or extended as a “stand alone” activity during fitness instruction. The exercises and movements in each set were created to help develop the students’ personal fitness and include a combination of the following components of physical fitness: 1. Cardiovascular Endurance, 2. Flexibility, 3. Locomotor Movement and 4. Muscular Strength and Endurance.

This fitness activity plate sets can be used in a gym setting, in a classroom or anywhere that you have some space to have kids perform some stationary exercises and movement skills in small groups. The “What’s on Your Plate” activity Set 1, 2 and 3 are very easy to set up and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 25 or 30 minutes depending upon the duration you use per rotation. 

After printing and laminating the circular exercise and movement “plates”, from each set you can mix and match them and spread them out on the floor around your room or gym, use music for start and stop cues; then let the students let loose and “move it, move it”!!! It is as simple as that. You can use all of the plates provided in a single set or be selective in those you want to use, especially if space is an issue. There are rest plates available in each set for students to use if needed. 

PE Activities: “What’s on Your Plate”- Fitness Bundle

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