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The Fortnite Inspired; Celebration Dance Card Packet is a fun and active collection of “trendy dance” printables that physical education or classroom teachers can use to promote popular dance movement in their playing or learning areas. Many students already know the dances from playing the FORTNITE game or from seeing them performed by other students or through social media. This FUN resource consists of 32 framed cards (1/2 sheet printables) that includes the following components: 1. Dance Identification, 2. High Quality Dance Graphic, 3. Dance Description, 4. Link to Fortnite Character YouTube Dance, and 5. Tips for Success/Interesting Facts


The Celebration Dance Cards can be applied in a number of different ways either as a dedicated PE dance lesson or could be used as a warm-up/cool-down activity to another PE lesson. Classroom teachers can use the dance cards as a Brain Boosting activity during those times of the day when their students just have to move! The cards can be used by students individually, with partners or in small groups. Four different activity applications are suggested inside this set, with 3 full page activity plans included. Teachers could easily extend the use of the cards in countless ways to ENGAGE students in a trendy and fun way in their classrooms!


The dance cards are colorful, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in dances and will value the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the dance moves!





1- Partner or Small Group Circuit/Stations


2- Celebration Dance Fitness Activity


3- Celebration Dance Concentration Activity


4- Project dances up on the screen or wall for the entire class to perform

Fortnite Inspired Celebration Dance Cards- 32 Dance Visuals with Activity Plans

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