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The Fitness Adventure Series- Ocean Odyssey is high energy, fun and organized, PE ocean-themed activity that can easily be used as a warm up, cool down, or instant activity. Students move around the playing area from sign to sign, reading and carrying out the indicated exercise or movement and then performing a locomotor movement to the next sign. Each sign has a ocean creature or person with a name, a movement to perform with repetition numbers and an exit box that indicates the locomotor movement to perform with the next sea destination to travel to. A true ADVENTURE!!!


There are 14 Ocean Odyssey ADVENTURE signs with a different character on each one. The signs are “student friendly” and provide an animated ocean icon and easy to follow directions. The backgrounds give an authentic “ocean feel” to the set and help immerse students in the activity. Students can easily perform the movements with limited instruction and teachers are free to move around to monitor their classes. The movements are developmentally appropriate for elementary school students and can be used in small or large spaces with little modification. Classes will want to repeat the Fitness Adventure Series many times and it will become one of their “favorites” in no time.


This fitness activity can be used in a gym setting, in a classroom or anywhere that you have some space to have kids perform some stationary exercises and locomotor skills. The Fitness Adventure Series- Ocean Odyssey is very easy to set up and can last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, depending upon the size of your playing area.

Fitness Adventure Series- Ocean Odyssey

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