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Let’s “Hop to It!”


Download 6 Engaging Easter Activity Station and Fitness Sets for Kindergarten to 8th Grade! The Easter PE Stations and Fitness- 6 Product Super Bundle is a combination of all of Cap’n Pete’s, Easter PE movement products all zipped up in one large package.


What’s in the Easter PE Bundle?


1. Easter PE Stations- 20 Fun Activity Cards

2. Eggs-ercise Movement- 32 Easter Egg-Shaped Exercise Cards

3. Easter PE Instant Activities- 20 “Quick Mover” Movement Signs

4. PE Concentration: Easter Version- 32 Matching Cards

5. Paper Plate Activate- Easter Edition- 20 Exercise Fitness Plates

6. Easter Fitness Blasts- 12 FUN Workouts



Save 30% on the individual easter movement activities when buying Cap’n Pete’s 5 Set, Easter Super you get the flash bonus activity!! Together these products will give you several weeks’ worth of Easter themed PE movement activities that you can copy, laminate, and use in your Spring curriculum for years!


  • Creative Movement for Your Students during the Easter Season
  • Easy to Implement
  • Detailed Graphics, Illustrations, and Instructions
  • Use as A Warm-Up or as your Lesson Focus
  • Classroom Teachers can use for Brain Boosts & Brain Breaks
  • Great for the Gym, Classroom or Outdoors
  • Can be used in Socially Distanced or Remote Learning Situations

Easter PE Stations and Fitness- 6 Product Super Bundle

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