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The “Creating Awareness of Exceptional Children product provides activities and experiences that will expose students to a number of exceptionalities (disabilities) and provide movement experiences to simulate them. The primary goal is for the students to nurture acceptance of and develop an appreciation, awareness and respect for individuals with exceptionalities and the challenges they experience in their daily lives. By understanding the challenges others face, students will value diversity and hopefully become advocates for individuals with disabilities in and beyond the school setting. The activities encourage opportunities for students to share feelings and personal information about the issues exceptional children face.


Inside this product is comprehensive grouping of activities, signs and task cards (descriptors and images), along with a full lesson plan, circuit diagram and an optional assessment exit slip. The station task cards provide interesting movement experiences that help (in a small way) replicate some of the following exceptionalities; Visual Impairment (blindness), Auditory Impairment (deafness), learning disabilities, brain injuries, movement disorders and paralysis. The students work together with their classmates to go through courses blindfolded, balance on apparatus while performing tasks, move in wheelchairs, execute movements while being restricted and using signs and signals to cue other students.


The Creating Awareness of Exceptional Children- Movement Activities and Task Cards includes the following items:


1 Comprehensive Lesson Plan


1 Circuit Setup Diagram


9 Student Activity Signs


9 Teacher Overview and Informational Sheets


9 Student Circuit Task Cards (Descriptors and Images)


1 Optional Assessment Exit Slip



The 9 CIRCUIT TASK CARDS can easily be set up in your gym, large classroom or unused area such as a cafeteria or utility room. Each task card provides your students with informational cues and displays cutting edge images to make instruction easy and fun. An optional Assessment Exit Slip for 3rd to 5th grade students is also included for you as the teacher to help with instruction and to check students’ affective domain statements as a result of the lesson outcomes.


There are 9 total Task Cards/Signs that make up this package. The diagram setup (included in this package) shows the use of 5 cards to make the circuit. You can however, use whatever number of task cards you feel accomplishes the goal of your lesson.


Creating Awareness of Exceptional Children- Movement Activities and Task Cards

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