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This is the another product in a series of Classroom Energizers. Included in this packet are 25 more awesome "flip cards" to get your kids up and moving!!!

Have you ever noticed your students getting the "Hum Drums"? Do they get fidgety or lose concentration at certain times of the day? Do they look at you like..... "hey Teach, can we get up and move a little"!!!

Did you know that physical activity can increase student performance? Movement is not only good for the heart and muscles but it also helps our brains. Several studies have shown that it is very important that children "move" throughout the day to help them stay "sharp" and ready to learn!

Classroom Energizers and Brain Boosters flip cards are a very convenient and creative way for you to "move your students" with a purpose! The "energizer" cards are very colorful, including graphics and detailed instructions that include an overview, set up, equipment needed, directions and modifications. 

Please check out the first series, Classroom Energizers and Activity Breaks- 25 Flip Cards
for other great classroom movement activities.

A bundled combination of this product and the "First Edition - Classroom Energizers; Movement and Activity Breaks" has also been created and it is entitled: "Classroom Energizers Double Pack - 50 Movement Flip Cards

Classroom Energizers and Brain Boosters- 25 Flip Cards

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