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25% off the individual activity prices when you purchase this BUNDLE.


The following Celebration Dance Visuals and Activities 5 Product Super Bundle is a combination of all of Cap’n Pete’s, Fortnite Inspired, Celebration Dance movement products all zipped up in one large package.


The following 5 products are included in this Super Bundle:


1. Fortnite Inspired Celebration Dance Cards- 32 Dance Visuals with Activity Plans


2. Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards- 8 Fortnite Inspired Celebration Dance Spin Boards


3. PE Activity: TABATA (Celebration Dance Version)- 15 Dance Visuals


4. PE Activities: What's on your Plate- Celebration Dance Edition


5. JIGSAW Dance- 32 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan


Together these products will give you several weeks worth of “Celebration Dance” themed movement activities that you can copy, laminate and use as lesson warm-ups, classroom brain breaks or in your PE dance curriculum for years!


Each product has high end graphics and they are easy to implement at the beginning of class or as the main focus of your lesson.

Celebration Dance Visuals and Activities: 5 Product Super Bundle

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