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Instructional Visuals for PE

PowerPE is the premier app for high-quality, engaging and kid-friendly activity visuals for physical education teachers or movement instructors to enhance their instruction and bolster their lessons.


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Featuring over 300 top-notch, instructional PE movement, sport and skill visuals for a variety of categories including:


1. PE Equipment Activities

2. Distance Learning


3. Fitness Activities


4. Fitness Circuits


5. PE Sport Stations


6. Creative Movement Activities


7. Manipulative Skill Tasks


8. Field Day Events


Find some activity visuals that you like and want to bundle them to create a lesson? Simple... press the star button to add it to your favorites. The activities can easily be added and deleted as required.


Check the PowerPE app often to see a variety of NEW skill and movement-based visual sets being added on an ongoing basis!