Physical Literacy and

TGFU    Posters

Physical Literacy Posters
What is Physical Literacy?
Benefits of Physical Literacy
Fundamental Movement Skills for P.L.
Language Arts vs Physical Literacy
P. L.- Movement Environments
Physically Literate Students...
Aligned to the SHAPE America Standards
Why TGfU?
TGfU- Game Categories
TGfU- Process
Invasion Games
Net and Wall Games
Striking and Fielding Games
Target Games
Comparing Traditional PE Methods
TGfU- Concepts
Que Es Alfabetizacion Fisica?
Spanish Version- What is Physical Literacy?
Spanish Version- Benefits of Physical Literacy
Habilidades Fundamentales
Spanish Version- Fundamental Movement Skills for Physical Literacy
Analogía de Alfabetizacion Física
Spanish Version- Language Arts vs Physical Literacy
Ambientes de movimiento
Spanish Version- Physical Literacy- Movement Environments
Estudiantes Fisicamente Alfabetizado
Spanish Version- Physically Literate Students...Aligned to the SHAPE America Standards
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Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU)
Physical Literacy- Spanish Version Posters
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