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Physical Education Resources

Improve Your Physical Education Lesson Plans! 

Accessing quality physical education resources used to be an onerous task for aspiring and experienced physical educators alike. Years ago, much of the materials PE teachers utilized came from college textbooks or district and state conferences and workshops. But no longer! With the advent of the internet and its vast array of physical education resources, finding quality lesson ideas and activities has never been easier.

Finding Resources

The internet has revolutionized health and physical education, granting educators with unprecedented access to a plethora of resources. Teachers can now find lesson plans, activities, visuals, games and more in an instant! Not only that but you can also uncover detailed tutorials or instructional videos online too. With just a few clicks, you can find an abundance of valuable physical education materials that were once only available through expensive textbooks and costly seminars. The OPEN online network for example, developed by Aaron Hart, has provided many free PE resources to teachers around the globe.


The web provides ‘endless’ PE resources at your fingertips - anything is possible if you know where to look! Social media; Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Group Pages and even Instagram can also help physical educators stay in constant touch with others in their field to share ideas, ask questions and get creative with lesson ideas. Forums, podcasts, and blogs are great sources for physical education resources too. This online physical education network of friends and colleagues can be extremely helpful when trying to come up with new and fun activities, or just find inspiration in general!


Additionally, many physical education websites have emerged over the years that are geared towards health and physical educators. You can often find a wealth of resources from these sites such as lesson plans, activity ideas and even online assessments. When searching, make sure you take the time to properly vet any materials you find before using them in your class - don’t forget that not all information on the internet is reliable!


You Tube PE Resources

If you’re stuck for ideas or need an activity fast, another good place to start is YouTube. YouTube houses some of the most creative and inventive physical education lesson ideas around. With the huge variety of videos available, teachers in this field can easily find content to help them introduce or explain different activities or movements. For example, some instructional videos could demonstrate how to properly execute a certain exercise, while others could teach how to play a new sport or game.


By taking advantage of YouTube, physical education teachers can engage their students and make learning more enjoyable. After all, being able to watch a video can often be far more engaging than simply reading about something or having it explained verbally. Plus, with the growing number of channels that specialize in physical education content, there’s no shortage of videos to choose from!


Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)

In addition, websites like Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), offer thousands of physical education activities that you can purchase cheaply which have been created by experienced physical educators. Here, you can find a host of materials from lesson plans to fun games and activities that are suitable for all age groups. It's always important to look at the individual product ratings and customer reviews before you buy any physical education resources from TPT to make sure the quality and content is up to scratch.


If you're looking for quality physical education resources, look no further than Cap'n Pete's Power PE – one of the best PE and health stores on Teachers Pay Teachers! Here you'll find a wealth of tried and tested visuals for your gym, lesson plan templates, games, and activities for physical education classes. The TPT platform is a one-stop shop for discovering the best resources, paired with unparalleled purchasing and technical assistance.



What Resources Should a PE Teacher Be Looking For?


The first step in finding quality physical education resources is to determine what type of resource you need. Are you looking for activities you can use right away? Or, are you looking for ideas and strategies that will help you plan lessons over the long term? Different websites offer different types of physical education resources, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start your search. Once you have an idea of the type of physical education resources that you need, it’s time to do some research.


The internet is filled with websites offering physical education resources and activities, so it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. Once you have identified a few websites that offer the type of physical education resources you need, it’s time to start exploring them. Pay attention to the level of detail included in activities and lesson plans. Are they easy to understand and implement? Do they include helpful tips and resources that will make teaching easier? If so, you’ve found quality physical education resources to help you develop your program.


For teachers, lesson plans can be particularly useful. They provide a framework for teaching physical education classes, so teachers can focus on delivering an engaging and successful lesson plan. These lesson plans often include activities that are tailored specifically to the age group being taught, and are designed to ensure that students stay engaged while learning key physical education concepts. Many of these lesson plans also include visuals, such as diagrams or videos, to help students better understand the material.


With the broad range of resources out there, how can you be certain that they are reliable? It's critical to assess reviews or consult with those who have experienced them before using a new resource or activity. Additionally, verifying that the source is accurate and up to date is key. Most importantly, it's essential to remember that physical education should be fun and engaging for students - so always keep your lesson plans upbeat and enjoyable!

Cap'n Pete's Power PE Website

For anyone seeking to build a stellar physical education program, Cap'n Pete's Power PE is the perfect go-to website. It offers an abundance of unparalleled resources that are sure to help you reach your goals. With hundreds of physical education activities, visuals, PE games, lesson plan ideas, virtual PE ideas, and PE program resources available, there truly is something for everyone.


Whether you're looking for a fun game to play with your students or need some advice on how to best implement a sport in your lessons, Cap'n Pete has you covered! Cap'n Pete also provides relevant advice and resources on Physical Education-related matters, including professional growth, PE advocacy, and creative instruction in the field of PE - all outlined within his blog. With so much information at your fingertips, it's easy to see why Cap'n Pete's Power PE website is a go-to source for educators everywhere!


Traditional PE Resource Sources

If you want a more traditional approach and feel more comfortable using physical education books; there are still plenty of these around too! Amazon, Target and Barnes & Noble are always good places to start when looking for physical education textbooks. Make sure to read customer reviews and consider the level of content before investing in any books. Physical Education Authors such as J.D. Hughes and Artie Kamiya are great starting points, and they offer an abundance of quality physical education resources and provide quality PE lesson ideas.


Finally, don’t forget about the tried-and-true methods for finding free resources: attending district and state physical education conferences and workshops. Although there are a lot of great online resources, attending real-world events can be invaluable. Not only will you get to learn from industry professionals but it’s also a great way to meet and collaborate with other physical educators who can provide additional ideas and feedback. These learning opportunities can increase your growth mindset and help you to be a better educator!


Final Thoughts

Uncovering valuable physical education resources doesn't need to be a daunting or expensive task. Quality resources are more accessible than ever before! With the right knowledge and access to the internet, you’ll never run out of lesson ideas and activities for your PE classes!


Don’t let the abundance of physical education resources available online overwhelm you. With a little bit of research, you can easily find quality materials that will enrich your lesson plans and engage your students and increase their physical activity. Remember, stay in tune with other physical educators via social media and stay open minded: don’t be afraid to try something new!

So get ready - it’s time to find and use the best physical education resources out there! Let’s get started!

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