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Boost Your PE Program! 

Cap'n Pete's Power PE is a physical education resource and informational website that provides physical education professionals with the tools they need to deliver the best physical education programs possible. Through physical education blogs and physical education resources that provide essential lesson plan ideas, physical activities, PE games, physical fitness training tips and other relevant information, Cap'n Pete's Power PE offers physical educators an in-depth look at how to create more effective and meaningful physical education programs.



Physical Education is Important!

Health and physical education is more important now than ever before. With the rise of sedentary lifestyles due to technology, physical inactivity has become a major problem among today's youth. Research shows that physical activity plays an essential role in promoting health and well-being, helping with weight management, improving academic performance, reducing stress levels and providing social skills development. A quality PE class is critical to our students' health, well-being, and overall development. 


For more information regarding the importance of physical education in our schools, check out Cap'n Pete's blog article entitled: We Need PE in Our Schools Today: 10 Powerful Reasons Why Physical Education is Important


The article highlights, in detail, the following 10 critical reasons for physical education and they include: 

Physical Education...

  1. Encourages physical activity for life

  2. Helps prevent sickness and disease

  3. Provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression

  4. Develops cooperation and teamwork

  5. Builds self-confidence

  6. Provides opportunities for personal goal-setting

  7. Increases personal fitness and motor skill development

  8. Helps reduce stress and anxiety

  9. Strengthens relationships with others

  10. Boosts academic learning 

Pete Charrette dives deep into these reasons in this informative video. Check it out now!






A great physical education teacher is one who is knowledgeable about the latest teaching trends in health and physical education, engages their students by providing them with access to relevant information on health and physical activity topics, and demonstrates a passion for helping others reach their full potential. Furthermore, they should make use of physical education resources such as physical activity games and physical fitness and wellness courses, and have a blog to stay informed while sharing valuable insights with their students. With the right combination of knowledge, passion, creativity and enthusiasm, any physical educator can make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.


Why Should I Invest Time in Reading a PE Blog?

As a PE teacher you can use a physical education blog to stay up to date on the latest trends in teaching physical education as well as share your own best practices with other PE professionals in the comments section or as a guest blogger. A quality physical education blog can be one of the greatest professional development tools! An excellent PE blog can provide you with a wealth of information and resources that will help you create an interesting, engaging, and stimulating climate for your students. The information can be valuable for both PE teachers and health specialists. From lesson plans to activities, games to school-wide events - all the tools offered by top quality blogs are designed with one aim in mind: helping teachers maximize their potential impact on the future generations they teach.


By keeping up with the latest developments in teaching physical education through a dedicated blog, PE teachers can ensure that they are providing their students with the most comprehensive learning experience possible.  Not only will this help them stay ahead of the curve, but it will also make their teaching more enjoyable and successful. Cap'n Pete's blog posts provide information on topics such as developing effective lesson plans, choosing fun activities for young learners, steps to follow for successful physical fitness training and more. This invaluable resource aids in your professional growth and assists you in refining the skills necessary to succeed.


Now more than ever, PE is of essential importance in the life our our children - with the proper physical education resources, it is possible to create successful programs that promote health and well-being among students. With Cap'n Pete's information, tools and resources, physical educators can have access to all the information they need to create the best possible physical education program for their students. Pete Charrette, through the Cap'n Pete's Power PE website understands the importance of physical education in the life of our children. That's why Pete offers a wide range of physical education resources and informational blogs to help physical educators create better physical education programs for their students.  



Should I Write my Own PE Blog?

If you have ever thought about blogging about your own health and physical education experiences? It is a great way to help other physical education professionals get some up-to-date information and guidance on physical education best practices. It also helps you stay connected with physical education experts and physical educators around the world at your own pace.  


A guest blogger on Cap'n Pete's website, Justin Cahill, is a seasoned blogger and he provides a lot of valuable content and thought provoking articles on his own blog, Keeping Kids in Motion. He wrote a PE blog on Cap'n Pete's website entitled: BLOGGING for Physical Education: 5 Reasons Why. 


Check it out here: BLOGGING for Physical Education: 5 Reasons Why


In the PE blog, Justin highlights the following 5 reasons for being a blogger in physical education:


1- To Build an Online Community- a blot provides an outlet for receiving feedback from like-minded peers who share similar stories, and voice their opinions.

2- To Archive- a blog can be a place to regularly refer back to posts, or to to watch a video or read through a description as a reminder of what has previously been taught.

3- Continuing Professional Development- a blog can reignite passion for seeking the latest and effective teaching strategies for students.

4- Write your story- a blog allows you an opportunity to put an idea in writing and make your teaching personal!

5- Celebrate what Colleagues and I are Doing in PE- a blog is a great place to showcase ideas that are just too good to keep within the walls of your won gym!

So take the plunge and start writing physical education blogs like Justin Cahill and Cap'n Pete Charrette! You won't regret it. Get connected today!


Cap'n Pete's Power PE Website

Along with a physical education and health dedicated blog, Cap'n Pete's Power PE shop also provides a library of physical education lesson plan templates, activities, games and other resources that can be used as part of an effective physical education program. The goal is to help physical educators create engaging and safe programs that are tailored to the needs of their particular students. No matter what type of physical education program you are looking to create, Cap'n Pete's Power PE can help.

With access to professional physical educators and health professionals from around the world writing about challenging topics to help share their knowledge and experience, this online platform has been invaluable for enhancing physical education teachers’ abilities to improve and expand their physical education curriculum. 


If you are looking for an online resource dedicated entirely to physical education, Cap'n Pete's Power PE is the perfect choice!

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