Fitness Activities

12 Visuals & Incentive Tickets
Fitness Bingo
30 Different Bingo Cards and Teacher Tools
12 Visuals and Tickets
Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards
15 Fitness and Manipulative Skill Spin Boards
Fitness Scrabble-Scramble
PE Activity with Printable Letters and Point Values
Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards
10 Components of Fitness Spin Boards
PE Fitness Fun
Start your Engines- 25 fun and exciting fitness warm up activities for students
PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts
27 "Action Packed" Mini Workouts
PE Tag Games
Cut to the Chase- 25 fun and exciting PE tag and flag games for students
PE Instant Activities
No Wait Zone- 25, “quick starter” instant activities for PE or classroom students
Tic-Tac-Toe Fitness
15 Unique Tic-Tac-Toe Exercise Cards & Activity Plan
PE Radical Relays
Pass it On- 25 fun and exciting relay activities for students
PE Jump Rope Skills
50 Instructional Cards
PE Cube Fitness
17 Constructible PE Movement Cubes
30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan
Animal Action
25 Animal Movement Signs and Labyrinth Activity
PE "Quick Movers" Bundle
Instant Activities, Relays, Tag Games and Fitness Fun
Locomotor Movement
25 Movement Cards and Labyrinth Activity
Detective Fitness
An organized, fitness-based activity with a cognitive and affective domain component
Quick and Easy Activities for the Gy
15 Flip Cards- Partner Fun
YOGA Instructional Cards
"Kid Friendly" Cues and Visual Illustrations
Four Corner Fitness
Four Corner Fitness
Cardio, Balance and Flexibility
Four Corner Fitness
Strength, Plyometrics and Manipulatives
Four Corner Fitness
Dance, Non-Locomotor and Sport Skills
What’s on Your Plate
Fitness Bundle- “high energy, fun and organized” PE large or small group movement
What’s on Your Plate
Fitness (Set 1)
What’s on Your Plate
Fitness (Set 2)
What’s on Your Plate
Fitness (Set 3)
Snowflake Fitness
Activity Plan and Snowflake Exercise Task Cards
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