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Home Activity PE Visual Packet
Fitness and PE Skill Visuals 

In response to the Corona Virus outbreak and the closing of many school districts around the nation and the world, I have put together this packet of Home Workout and Movement Visuals for students to perform in non-school settings.

The visuals are a bit of a hodge-podge of fitness and skill-based movement from a few of my activity sets that I have designed for PE teachers to use  during their daily classes. The visuals can easily be modified for students to use at home and I am giving permission for teachers  use these activity visuals to send home (electronically or hard-copy sets) to encourage student movement during their days away from school.

Please use these visuals during the Corona Virus situation while your students are at home. If you use a public link, I kindly ask you to remove the link when the outbreak has diminished. At that time, feel free to use the set for continued student home movement or use during your regular classes when they resume.

To use at home, look at the visuals and send an informational note to your students and parents giving them tips or instructions for using what you see. Each teacher has a unique situation, so it is up to you to modify and provide personal instructions for best use of the activity and movement visuals for your students.

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