About Pete

Pete Charrette (Cap'n Pete) grew up in Kingston, Ontario Canada until graduating from Queen's University with a degree in education. He competed nationally as a competitive water-skier.  Later he went on to ski in and direct one of the nations largest professional ski shows in Georgia.  This is where he met his wife Linda.  She was also a professional water-skier.


Pete Charrette has been a physical education specialist for over 30 years, teaching both Health and PE at all levels (Elementary, Middle, High School and University) throughout his career. Pete has been Nationally Board Certified for over 12 years (since 2006) and has served as a National Board of Professional Teachers Scorer and Supervising Trainer. 


In 2009, Pete was selected as the Georgia State Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year. He has also served as a coach for multiple sports; including lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football and track.

Pete retired from teaching in January of 2018. During his time as a practicing physical educator, Pete Charrette worked each day to maintain a physical education program of excellence focused on developing and improving students’ personal fitness, and motor skills, utilizing developmentally appropriate activities through purposeful, creative and enjoyable instruction.

In 2012, Pete began designing physical education, health and classroom movement resources that he sells on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and Times Educational Supplement (TES). Pete also gives away weekly free resource items to practicing educators through several social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Pete retired in January of 2018. He will forever miss the happy, smiling faces that came into his gym and will cherish the relationships he had with his students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community. In Pete's words- "The BEST thing about teaching physical education is that what we do truly makes a difference in the lives of those we teach. Our work continues on with our students as they mature; and hopefully the movement principles, fitness & health concepts, social interaction techniques, self expression avenues and leadership skills will stay with them for a lifetime."


Recently Pete has presented informational and activity sessions at a number of state and national conferences and through some Global online physical education summit gatherings.